Stone Concrete Mixer (Model 65CM)

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Technical Data
♦ Batch Capacity: ½-1 bags   ♦ Operating Weight: 630-740lbs
♦ Batch Capacity: 6cuft   ♦ Total Volume: 9cuft
♦ Drum Dimensions: 30" x 18"   ♦ Engine: 5½hp Honda
♦ Dimensions: 78"L x 46"W x 58"H    

Diamond Shaped Expanded Steel Ventilated Cowl:
Good ventilation for the engine is a must. This innovative cowl design actually delivers five times more ventilation to the engine. The result is increased productivity and performance while reducing engine wear.

Heavy-Duty Drum:
The thick steel drum with a rolled reinforced pour lip delivers long life for years of reliable mixing. Mounted on a large, rugged, welded, reinforced steel yoke to provide extra strength in an area where it counts.

Cast Iron Ring Gear:
A one-piece cast iron ring gear keeps the drum turning while delivering smoother operation and a longer life.

Tapered Roller Bearings:
Greaseable tapered roller bearings on a large diameter steel shaft makes drum rotation and emptying quick and easy.

Reinforced Large Hand Wheel:
Makes dumping easier and provides greater control during mix discharge.

Fully Adjustable:
Positive gear and dog drum lock secures drum in one of the 94 positions for any mixing or storing needs.

Optimum Mixing Action:
The oversized, heavy-duty paddles are strategically placed to deliver thorough mixing and maximum tumbling action.

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