Wacker Neuson Rammer BS70-2i
Item #: 0009401
Technical Data
♦ Shoe Size: 11"x13" ♦ Operating Weight: 164 lbs Click on me to see a bigger picture
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♦ Stroke: 2.6" ♦ Percussion Rate: up to 650 blows/min
♦ Operating Speed: 4400rpm ♦ Travel Speed: 29 ft/min
♦ Fuel/Oil Ratio: 120:1 ♦ Fuel Consumption: 1.4 qt/h $ 3,395.00
♦ Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.2qt ♦ Dimensions: 39"L x 15"W x 27"H
♦ Engine: WM80 2cycle ♦ Oil Tank Capacity: 0.75 qt Shipped in the Continental USA ONLY!
Does NOT include Hawaii/Alaska!
♦ Displacement: 4.9 in3 ♦ Compacted Area: 1710 ft2/h Spec. Sheet


• A unique patented oil-injection system provides reliable performance by eliminating spark plug fouling and carbon buildup.
• The no-mix system is an added convenience for operators. Plus an amazing fuel to oil ratio of 120:1 allows for longer and cleaner running times...up to 65 hours on a single tank of oil. A low oil shutdown switch prevents running the rammer without oil for trouble-free operation.
• Rugged rammers designed for the compaction of cohesive, mixed and granular soils in confined areas.
• An integrated muffler wraps around the curved shape of the engine allowing for closer compaction to structures, plus this design better protects the muffler from any damaging impact.
• Automatic shutoff feature will shut down the unit if left idling for an extended period of time, reducing emissions and carbon build-up.
• The guide handle offers a highly engineered, built-in shockmount system to reduce HAV (hand-arm vibration) and improve operator comfort.
• A unique three-stage air filtration system provides a virtually dust-free engine for longer life and improved durability.
• A filter minder tells the operator when the air filter needs to be changed.
• Purge bulb evacuates air from the fuel line for easy starting.
• An integrated fuel valve and gas lever also provide for simple operation and easy starting by eliminating air in the fuel line.
• Powered by Wacker Neuson Neuson''s exclusive WM 80 engine, the only 2-cycle engine specifically designed and built for vibratory rammers and meets EPA and European air emission standards.


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