MBW Concrete Mixer Model CM65H

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Technical Data
Bag Capacity: ½-1 bags   Drum Capacity: 8.82cu ft.
Mix Capacity: 6cuft   Weight: 685lbs
Engine: 5½hp Honda   Dimensions: 102"L x 51"W x 59"H

MBW Concrete Mixers are ruggedly built and take the punishment of this demanding application. Heavy-duty frame, drum yoke and drum assemblies are long-wearing and matched to anticipated stresses and loads. High quality cast iron pinion and gear rings provide long life and heavy-duty shroud opens to provide easy access to interior engine compartment. MBW concrete mixers are powered by reliable Honda engines with exterior "Shut Down" button for instant stopping of the mixer. Both models are well balanced and feature spring mounted axle assemblies for easy, stable towing.


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