Wacker 2" Submersible Pump

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Technical Data
♦ Discharge Diameter: 2"   ♦ Dimensions: 8.7"L x 7.3"W x 12"H
♦ Operating Weight: 22lbs   ♦ Max Head: 39.5"ft
♦ Max Discharge: 62.4gpm   ♦ Max Pressure: 17psi
♦ Solid Size Capacity: .2"   ♦ Motor Type: Single Phase/60Hz
♦ Voltage: 110V   ♦ Speed: 3270rpm
♦ Power: 2/3hp   ♦ Cable Length: 32ft
♦ Cable Size: 16awg   ♦ Impeller Material: Urethane Rubber

These high performance single-phase submersible pumps are capable of handling solids up to .4", ideal for job sites needing fast dependable dewatering. Lightweight, compact design with heavy-duty, strain relief power cord offers a high durable pump that is still easy to transport and install. Built-in thermal protection prevents motor damage due to impeller blockage, reducing service repairs. Silicon carbide-faced double mechanical seals run in an isolated oil-filled cavity, allowing for seal lubrications, cooling and overall motor protection. Oil lifter provides provides lubrication to seal faces during operation mimimizing the risk of seal failure due to overheating. Preliminary v-ring (lip seal) shields the mechanical seal from abrasive wear due to suspended debris in pumping fluid.


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